Kashmiri Dastarkhan at Soaltee Crowne Plaza

  •   2017-05-18  |  nepaltraveller.com

Soaltee Crowne Plaza is hosting their Kashmiri food promotion at The Kakori Restaurant

Kashmiri Dastarkhan - the Kashmiri Wazwan Collection curated by renowned fashion designer Daljit Sudan who hails from Jamu, is on from May 18 to 28.

Kashmir has always been a utopia for poets, artisans and dreamers with its natural beauty and snow covered peaks and flower abundant valleys. With its unique history, language, literature, art and architecture and culture and traditions Kashmir has always fascinated the visitor with its distinctive individuality.

Along with its scenic beauty Kashmir is renowned for its fascinating cuisine, which offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. According to locals, when Timur invaded India in the 15th century, he brought around 1700 workers, wood carvers, weavers, calligraphers, architects and cooks from Samarkand.

The descendants of these cooks - the wazas, are the master chefs of Kashmiri cuisine and the elaborate preparation of a ceremonial lavish meal often comprising of 36 dishes makes the Wazwan and the preparation is considered an art and a point of pride in Kashmir as it takes days of planning and hours of preparation. The ritual of serving it to people is called Dastarkhan. Now patrons can enjoy these mouth-watering dishes and exquisite flavours at Kakori.

Celebrating the woman and the home

Soaltee Crowne Plaza, the preferred and pioneering 5 star hotel in Kathmandu is ‘Celebrating the Difference’ through its CELEBRATING THE WOMAN AND THE HOME series which highlights authentic and time tested recipes that have been handed down over generations and enjoyed in homes on special occasions. These culinary techniques and recipes are carefully persevered and used by the woman of the house for feasts and special occasions. Now in a series of food promotions these mouth-watering dishes from their homes will be presented in various outlets of the Soaltee Crowne Plaza offering patrons and connoisseurs an opportunity to sample these delicacies and celebrate the difference. Kashmiri Dastarkhan is the first in this series.


Date: 18 to 28 May

Time: 7 pm onwards

Venue Kakori

Menu: A la Carte



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