An authentic Thai experience

If it is the coveted Thai cuisine that you are craving, Zen Bistro & Café is the best option.

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Zen Bistro and Cafe is on its way to winning hearts and stomachs with their authentic Thai food.

Just as the name goes, Zen Bistro & Café at Bansbari is a relaxing and blissful place for some quite quality time and good Thai food, which is one of the most sought-after cuisines around the world that eateries and restaurants are introducing. Perhaps the growing popularity of Thai food lies in its unique balanced taste and flavours. The spicy, hot and sweet savoury in Thai food is something everybody enjoys.

Zen Bistro & Café is the newest restaurant from the owners of Tamarind and Embassy, restaurants that have with time earned their place in the competitive food scene of Kathmandu. Zen seems to be following the same trail and is well on its way to winning hearts.

Zen Bistro & Café is conveniently located and spacious in its décor. Patrons who want to relax and spend more time at the place can enjoy the more comfortable seating, while for a corporate lunch, Zen also offers a secluded separate room. For casual hang out and catching up with friends the veranda and the open space in front of the café is equally appealing.  

Chef Piyaporn Prakorbsab from Thailand has been in Nepal for almost a year. As we settled down she prepared some of their specials from the menu: Tom Yum Soup, Chicken Satay, Shrimp on Bread and Thai Fried Rice. The Tom Yum Vegetable Soup was amazing with its tangy and spicy savoury and the lemon grass and chillis took it to another level. The Chicken Satay grilled on skewers was wonderfully soft and came with two dips, peanut and coconut that were equally gratifying. The Shrimp on Bread had a mild sweet taste. But it was perfectly enhanced by the spicy chilli salad pickle that accompanies this dish. For the main course, Shrimp Paste Fried Rice was perfect and is different from the usual fried rice. It is white rice, fried in shrimp paste and served with chopped omelette, shredded mango and sweet boneless hewed down chicken gravy, wedged lemon and salads.

Among the dishes that I tried, this was the best and I recommend you try it when you visit Bistro & Café. Fried rice is a popular lunch dish because it is simple and gastronomically fulfilling. However, you can also order yourself the equally popular Shrimp Pad Thai which is a default Thai dish that most people who love Thai food will end up ordering.

Overall I enjoyed the meal and the authenticity of the Thai food served at Zen Bistro that didn’t do the Nepali masala twists that most restaurants sometimes try. “I strictly prohibit my staffs from using Nepali spices with Thai dishes because I want to serve credible Thai cuisine that people will appreciate,” says Chef Piya.

AddressBansbari Road, Kathmandu 44600/ Phone01-4017654


Writer: Srizu Bajracharya/ Photos : Ishan Maharjan


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