New Year Eve at Arniko Chinese Room

Bring in the New Year with a feast to celebrate with family and friends

  •   2017-04-13  |

Arniko Chinese Room at Hotel Annapurna offers a special feast for a festive ocassion

You don’t always get a chance to step into someone’s kitchen to watch them cook; especially when you are a guest. But I guess that's one of the perks about being a journalist. You get to peek into things that usually others don't get to peek into.

At the Arniko Room in Hotek Annapurna, I watched Executive Chef Aga Thammar Murthuza cook their New Year Eve special for us. It’s fascinating to watch Chefs at work , you see their love for food and create magic; the kind that makes your tummy happy.

I nodded my head throughout while he guided his Chef Shanti Dhungel as he made our dishes one by one. Chef Shanti Dhungel tossed the prawns in the wok like he was practicing Ping-Pong. His hands were swift as he sprinkled spices and sesame powder. Chinese food is famous for its colour, aroma, taste and appearance and I could see why; the flavours of the spices were rich; but each of them had this appealing gloss to it. 

The New Year Eve special includes a wholesome Chinese meal. For starters, there are Egg Drop Soup, Spicy Ginger Prawn, Tofu Cantonese and Garlic 5B. And for the main course, I sampled Capsicum Fried Rice that went well with Chinese greens with Shitaki Mushroom and Roast Chicken in Sichuan Sauce.

The egg drop soup has the flavour of ginger and tastes creamy. You will most definitely like the spicy ginger prawn; sweet and spicy. The Tofu Cantonese flavoured in oyster sauce is equally appetising. But the best off the platter is the Chinese greens with Shitaki Mushroom because this greasy mushroom melts in your mouth. You can literally slurp it in like noodles. You will also love the roast chicken in Sichuan Sauce: hot and spicy. 

But the winner of this whole package was the Coconut Pancake with ice-cream and caramel which is crispy and sweet. The pancake is filled with yum coconut barfi and when you scoop it together with the vanilla ice-cream it’s just perfect.

Dining at Arniko Room is all about having a some good time with family and friends while you munch on their menu offerings. This restaurant with oriental décor in which the colour red predominates has a soulful ambience. The soft Chinese music in the backdrop will defintely sync you with the Chinese theme the restaurant perfectly accents. The hospitality of the restaurant is as classic as Hotel Annapurna itself. If what you are looking for this New Year Eve is an elegant dinner, this is the place to be. Break away from the usual parties and try the Chinese feast for a fine dinner.


Srizu Bajracharya is a foodie who does not know much about cooking, she is also an inhouse writer at Nepal Traveller. / Prajwal Maharjan is a quiet photographer who also loves doing food photography. And is a contributing photographer for Nepal Traveller.


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