Hotel Annapurna introduces Mad about Mangoes and Chinese Executive Lunch

  •   2018-05-11  |

Hotel Annapurna has come up with two new offers at The Coffee Shop and Arniko Restaurant

Hotel Annapurna never fails to impress us when it comes to creativity. One fine example of their creative project is ‘Mad about Mangoes’. This offer started on the 7th of May and has been creating a buzz in the town. This offer first started in 2017 to welcome the season of mangoes and has gained a lot of popularity ever since. The menu has taken the taste of mangoes to a different dimension; something that one might not be able to fathom. The hotel has also introduced an executive lunch offer at their renowned Chinese room ‘Arniko’.

If you are a mango enthusiast then The Coffee Shop at Hotel Annapurna is providing you a once in a year offer that you must not miss out on. You will find a wide variety of mangoes being incorporated in different dishes, desserts and drinks. These mangoes have been imported from different countries to abide by the ‘Mad about Mangoes’ tradition.

We asked the Executive Sous Chef Mr. Santosh Subedi KC to showcase the most unique and popular dishes from each section in offer. As per his saying we were first served 'Chilled Carrot and Mango Soup'. As he was talking about the concept of a chilled soup, I became very hesitant because the idea of having a cold soup did not intrigue me or excite me. After the soup was served at the table, I decided to give it a shot regardless of my preconceived notion about the soup. To my dismay, I liked the soup. The fusion of carrots and mangoes, give an entirely different taste. The mangoes and carrots balance each other’s taste, none of the ingredients overpower the soup. Furthermore, the chunks of tangy mangoes make the soup even more delicious. This soup could be a perfect choice during summers.

We were then introduced to the appetizers section; we were served 'Grilled Chicken with Mango Salad'. The chicken had crumbed peanuts on the top, this added a different texture and enhanced the taste of grilled chicken. Apart from that the mango salad complemented the grilled chicken perfectly. Overall, this was a delicious appetizer which is also healthy at the same time.

After the delicious soup and salad, the much awaited main course arrived; The 'Spicy Mango California Roll'. This particular dish will be liked by everyone, even those who are not particularly fond of sushi. The outer layer of this sushi, the seaweed, was fried masking the normal seaweedy flavour. The roll is served along with shredded vegetables. Sliced mangoes, cucumber, crab is stuffed inside the sushi. This is a really creative dish and is bound to delight your taste buds. We were then served 'Pork Mango Picadillo with Steamed Short Grain Rice'. Being an avid pork lover, this dish was my favourite from the lot. The minced pork, mango and rice easily complemented with one another. You should definitely not miss out on this one if you love pork.

Hotel Annapurna comes up with a new menu at Arniko Room. Arniko Room at Hotel Annapurna offers one of the best choice of Chinese dishes in town. What is even better is the fact that they are offering an executive lunch for just Rs 1500 plus taxes per person. The Executive Lunch menu has three meal options.

We were served the first meal option since it was the most popular choice amongst the masses. The first option menu dishes included; Manchow Veg Soup, Veg Fried Rice, Garlic Noodle, Chicken Sichuan, Mixed Chinese Green and Darshan with Ice-Cream. The Manchow Soup that arrived first was thick and spicy. For the main course, dishes like stir-fried rice, Chicken Sichuan, greens and garlic noodles were served. Overall, the quantity and the quality of the course do not disappoint and will fulfill the Chinese cuisine cravings. In the end, Darshan (honey fried wonton noodles) was served along with vanilla ice cream; this was indeed a perfect way to end the feast at Arniko.



Prarthana Dixit 

Photos by Shree Krishna