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Founded way back in 2007 by Americans from Arizona, The Lazy Gringo is a pit stop for foodies across the city

Within the busy streets of Jawalakhel, lies an Arizona styled Mexican eatery that serves one of the best Mexican food in the town. Founded way back in 2007 by Americans from Arizona, The Lazy Gringo is a pit stop for foodies across the city.  The restaurant is a cultural blend of Southwest America and Mexico, this will make you feel like you are in Arizona enjoying Mexican cuisine. 

As you enter the restaurant you will be greeted by the friendly and warm staff which will immediately make you feel comfortable. After you are seated, you will be awestruck by the authentic ambience of the restaurant. The walls are painted red and yellow to represent the upbeat and lively Mexican culture. You will also notice Mexican hats kept on display known as 'Sombrero', these hats have a wide brim and a conical crown that are commonly worn by mariachi musicians and charros. There is also a painting of an Arizonian desert to give a Southern American touch to the eatery. Right above the painting, you will see a lizard drawn on the wall that adds a southern vibe to the restaurant. Lizards are also said to be auspicious in Mexico. Adding on, a sun-shaped mirror placed at one of the walls adds a bohemian feel. On the other hand, the chairs and tables make you feel like you have teleported to the southwestern part of America. Overall, the fusion of Arizona and Mexico gives you a unique experience and an insight into Mexican and Arizonian culture. 

The first dish presented on the table was the very popular Mexican appetizer- Chicken Nacho Libre. The dish was intricately designed and looked appealing to the eyes. It was covered in cream, chicken, cheese and the dressing was done with tomatoes and lettuce. Although an appetizer, the Chicken Nacho Libre was filling and heavy. It was a combination of different ingredients that gave a distinct taste. Afterwards, the taco salad arrived at the table. The taco salad was healthy and delicious at the same time, the dressing was done with lettuce, olives, cheese, and tomatoes. There was chicken beneath the dressing which furthermore enhanced the dish. The salad was covered with a crispy taco outer shell, which balanced the wide range of flavours present in the dish.  A lemonade served with the appetizers gave a refreshing feel and complimented with the dishes served. 

For the main course, three dishes were served. Chicken Tacos were served at the beginning. The dish was topped with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes and had ample amount of chicken underneath the topping. The different ingredients complemented with one another which made the dish filling and easily appetizing. On the other hand, the spicy salsa sauce added a pungent taste. After relishing the tacos, the chicken burrito was served on the table. The chicken burrito like the previous dishes was as filling and delicious, however, unlike the other dishes, this dish only consisted of chicken. The chicken inside was tender and supplemented with the wrap. After the two very heavy dishes, the most awaited Enchiladas arrived at the table. The Enchiladas smothered in sauce and cheese chicken is a popular dish at The Lazy Gringo. The dish looked extremely elegant and mouthwatering. This was indeed a perfect end to the course. The dish was spicy and was a delight to the taste buds. 

All in all, the authentic ambience and the food offered at The Lazy Gringo gives you an experience that you must not miss out. 

Address: Jawalakhel, Patan 44600

Phone number: 9803183297

Opening hours: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Closed on Saturday


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Photos by Shree Krishna


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