Hotel Shangri-la introduces 'Catch of the Day'

An experience of catching the fish of your choice and tasting it

  •   2018-03-14  |

The hands-on experience of catching the fish of your own choice will make you feel like you are at Kakani, away from the city fishing and enjoying the serenity.

On the 1st of March, Hotel Shangri-la introduced 'Catch of the Day' where live fishes are chosen by people and are served as per their choice in the form of scrumptious delicacies. Hotel Shangri-la is the first hotel to introduce this concept which was inspired by a practice in Japan. According to the hotel, they chose rainbow trout because it is said to be the healthiest fish after salmon. This concept was introduced to Kathmandu by the hotel so that people can enjoy the hands-on experience and healthy/fresh fish on their plates. This service starts at 11 in the morning. A complimentary bottle of beer and dessert is served along with the fish.

Located in the heart of the city, amidst the hustle bustle – Lazimpat lies Hotel Shangri-la. As you enter the Shambala Garden, the hospitality of the staff will make you feel comfortable. The tranquillity of the garden will ease your stress and will make you feel rejuvenated. After the warm greeting from the staff, you will be introduced to the very new concept of 'Catch of the Day'. As you are introduced to the concept, you can spot the aquarium where there are a bunch of rainbow trout. The hands-on experience of catching the fish of your own choice will make you feel like you are in Kakani itself, fishing and enjoying your getaway from the city. Something that is even more fascinating is the fact that the fish can be customized according to your taste and liking.

After choosing the fish of your choice, the chef takes it to the kitchen in order to prepare it. There are two fishes to be prepared in two different and distinct styles. The two distinct styles being Chinese style steamed fish and Grilled fish.


The Chinese style steamed fish first arrives at the table. The fish is intricately designed with different ingredients. It looks attractive and delicate. As you take the first very bite of the fish, you can taste the freshness of it. Even for people who do not necessarily like fish, the fish will tantalize your buds. The taste of ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce complement one another to give a perfect taste.


After tasting the freshly steamed fish, the grilled fish arrives. The grilled fish is made with olive oil, pepper, salt, herbs, garlic lemon juice and mustard sauce. Unlike the steamed fish, the grilled fish is a blend of different kinds of distinct ingredients that somehow appetites your palate. The grilled potatoes and vegetables complement the fish and are the perfect definition of a balanced diet.

To end the feast, the dessert is finally brought to the table. The dessert includes a chocolate lava cake and fresh fruits. The lava cake is moist and divine, with fine molten chocolate oozing out through the crevices of the cake. This is indeed a delicious end to the grand feast.  

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Photo Courtesy: Shree Krishna