Petite Dishes: Redefining the fine dining scene in Nepal

Small, Beautiful, and Scrumptious delicacies that is sure to not only tantalize your taste buds, but also redefine the fine dining scene

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Hotel Yak and Yeti has successfully acquired celebrity chef Sagar Singh Rawat as their new head executive chef. Chef Rawat introduces to us the concept of petite dishes in fine dining, where an array of multiple dishes make up a full-fledged meal. These dishes may be small and beautiful, but they equally appetizing. Head over to Hotel Yak and Yeti to indulge in a completely new food experience.

The fine dining scene in Nepal will never be the same again with the arrival of Chef Sagar Singh Rawat. Hotel Yak and Yeti has brought forth this brilliant chef as their new head executive chef. In a conversation with the Chef Rawat, he talked to us about his journey to becoming a top chef, who is passionate about exploring new trends and ideas and implementing them in his food. 

Travelling and learning with his father who is also a chef, Chef Rawat was determined about the profession he wanted to choose. He worked as a sous chef in The Oberoi Hotel for at least ten years before going into cruise tours with Royal Caribbean International. Additionally, he also worked as a sous chef in the Harmony of the Seas, which is the biggest ship till date. He is currently working as the Culinary Director in Riga foods. Having worked with many renowned chefs, he is skilled in French, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Caribbean, Indonesian, Peruvian and Modern Asian cuisines. In addition to all this, he has also worked with a number of Michelin star chefs.

Chef Rawat describes his food as petite; small and beautiful. He wants to introduce the concept of fine dining in Nepal with smaller flavoursome portions leading to 12-13 courses in one meal. He believes that the city has a lot of potential in terms of food with its easily available international ingredients as well as the local fresh produce, and he wants to invest all of his learning and experience into the food that he is going to serve here. He is sure that not only the international travellers but also the curious crowd of Nepal are going to love this new and exciting concept.

To demonstrate, Chef Rawat also presented us with an array of mouthwatering dishes. For the appetizer, there were a series of dishes. We started with a chilled tomato consommé, prepared arduously collecting clear juice from a juicy ripe tomato. The consommé was fresh with a distinct taste of tomato in it. Next was a bouquet of flowers; fresh greens, and flowers with a delicious soy and sesame dressing. Then we were served a cornett of fresh beetroot and zesty cream cheese. It looks like an ice-cream cone which could deceive just anyone's eye for taking it as a dessert, but the savoury taste will tell a whole different story.

Left: Tomato consommé; Right: Bouquet of flowers

Cornett of beetroot and cream cheese

Cornett of beetroot and cream cheese

For the main course, we had a Ratatouille a la Pixar, a simple vegetable dish which will remind anyone of home as it includes the veggies we use at home. The name itself is derived from the chef’s favourite Disney movie—Ratatouille.  We were then introduced to Sardinian Culurgiones, which looked quite similar to momos (Nepali dumplings), but turned out to be pasta filled with potato and pecorino cheese. After that, Steak Au Poivre was served, for which he replaced the regular black pepper with Nepali pepper called Timur. The steak was tender and refreshing with Timur in it, the aftertaste of which lingers for a while in the mouth.

Ratatouille a la Pixar

Ratatouille a la Pixar

Sardinian Culurgiones

Sardinian Culurgiones

Steak Au Poivre

Steak Au Poivre

For dessert, it was a tiramisu made with mascarpone cheese, coffee and devil sponge instead of Savoiardi biscuits. It was made to look like a pot with the leaf of basil planted on top. The tiramisu was light; with a right hint of sweetness and a distinct taste in all of its layers.Tiramisu with mascarpone cheese and Devil sponge

Tiramisu  with mascarpone cheese, coffee and devil sponge

After savouring every bite of scrumptious delicious prepared by Chef Rawat, we got a new insight into a whole different style of dining which was both pleasant and surprising too. The chef was correct in predicting a new food experience for the Nepali people. With interesting twists and new experiments in food served in little portions over many courses, Chef Rawat is bound to redefine the whole fine-dining culture in Nepal.

Text by Nisha Maharjan

Pictures by Rachita Sulabh


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