Chinese New Year Celebration continues at Arniko Chinese Room

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with an array of authentic Chinese and Indo- Chinese dishes at Hotel Annapurna’s Arniko Room till 2nd of March.

To celebrate the spring festival, Executive Sous Chef Santosh Subedi KC  has selected a special menu with a variety of authentic and Indo-Chinese dishes. Finding fresh ingredients for Chinese dishes is difficult but at Arniko,  all the dishes are cooked with certain twists to maintain the freshness of the ingredients and the original Chinese flavor.


A plate containing spicy radish and carrot pickles and kimchi was served to freshen up the taste buds before the starters. A steaming bowl of clear Shitake and Chicken soup was served along with prawn toasts for appetizers. The soup was light and the distinct taste of the mushrooms and chicken made it stand out. As wasting food goes against Chinese culture, the same Shitake mushrooms is used to prepare the broth for a number of times, which is again used to make a clear soup with added shitake mushroom and chicken pieces. It is served with Chinese bun called mantou.

As for the prawn toast, it is a deep fried toast with a paste of prawn and a generous helping of sesame seeds sprinkled on top. The simple dish had a great texture and exquisite taste. Both dishes are especially consumed during winter,around the spring festival.


 For the main course, we had the Kung Pao Shrimp. It is a stir fry dish with shrimps tossed with ginger, red chilli, soya sauce, and peanuts. The savoury dish was rich in flavors with a right hint of everything.
Chinese custard cake is an essential dish in most Chinese household during the New Year. It has a semi-hard buttery crust with a generous amount of custard on top of it. According to the chef, the preferable way to eat it is to just bite into it without hassling with the cutlery.


In keeping the Chinese tradition and values in mind, the kitchen staff at the Arniko room has created a top-notch menu to satisfy their customers. So, if you’re a food enthusiat in search of authentic Chinese cuisine then visit The Arniko Room at Hotel Annapurna.


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