Chinese Delicacies at Radisson Hotel Kathmandu

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For four days, enjoy classic Chinese dishes to celebrate the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year at Radisson Hotel Kathmandu

As the Chinese New Year rolls in, the Chinese community in Nepal is busy celebrating the start of the year of the Dog and enjoying mouth-watering delicacies from all parts of China. Amongst all the festivities, the food is something everyone looks forward to and during this auspicious time, Radisson Hotel Kathmandu brings exactly this to the table; the hotel is offering a special Chinese menu from 16th February to 20th February 2018 at the Fun Cafe. Marking the beginning of Chinese Lunar New Year, the lavish buffet is available for lunch and dinner throughout the four days.

Adorned with classic oriental ornaments, the interior of the cafe is decorated in a red colour scheme to match the eastern influences in decor. Servers dressed in traditional clothing also add to the Chinese aesthetics of the Fun Cafe. With a greeting from the orientally dressed staff, you’ll be directed to the buffet setting. The entire buffet consists of various different starters, main course dishes, and desserts.

Starting with the Chicken Manchao and Sichuan fish, of which the latter is served with pickled mustard, you’ll be delighted to taste the tangy goodness of the fish and the soft, succulent textures of the chicken. Main course dishes include the classic Hakka noodles tossed with stir-fried vegetables, wok tissued Chinese greens and vegetable fried rice with cashews.

Other main course dishes include pork and chicken delicacies from various regions across China. If freshly prepared food is what you fancy, then the buffet has live barbecue stations and live momo counters that will be alternated, with only one on display each day. Desserts like Mocha cake, chocolate lava cake, and other Indian sweets will leave you completely satisfied at the end of your meal.

Date: 16th February - 20th February 2018

When: Lunch/Dinner

Where: The Fun Cafe, Radisson Hotel Kathmandu

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Text: Simran Dali

Photo: Rachita Sulabh


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