Olive Garden introduces new Italian menu

  •   2018-01-31  |  nepaltraveller.com

Olive Garden's new Italian menu is a beautiful sight to see perhaps much better is tasting their mouthwatering dishes.

If you browse through the numerous restaurants and eateries in Kathmandu, you’re hardly find an authentic Italian one that not only wears the tag but also delivers through its impressive array of dishes. Olive Garden is just one of the few in the city – in fact it would not be wrong to say that it is the only fine dining restaurant in Kathmandu that serves authentic Italian cuisine. What’s more they have recently revamped their entire menu, making it healthier, tempting and true to its roots.

Situated just beside the main lobby of Hotel Radisson, Olive Garden has a very elegant, posh look yet without having to try too hard. As the name suggests the ceilings are adorned with look-a-like olive leaves while huge glass windows that overlooks the front facade of the hotel- the decor has a sophisticated Italian feel to it. 

When asked about the new menu that Executive Chef Utpal Kumar Mondal and his team created with thorough planning, he says, “Our offering of Italian food is limited but it is also very authentic.” Chef Mondal who’s had decades of experience perfecting the true Italian taste

The charming speciality of the dishes, he strongly affirms,” It’s all in the right ingredients which we directly import from Italy”. Whether that is Olive oil, Mozzarella cheese or Parma ham – one can’t imagine good Italian food without these core ingredients and Olive Garden has made sure to capture these very essences in their new dishes. Sure, it also means increase in the price of the food but as the Chef recounts, “There’s so much quality and flavour in it.”

Chef Mondal is true to his word; even the look of the Italian dishes is tempting enough. The aroma of rich fragrant sauce and thick cheese wafts through the air while he’s explaining about the food. I’m more than happy when we start the five course meal with some light soup and starters. However, the main highlight was the main course that comprised of Pollo alla griglia, marinato al pesto e basil, juicy and flavourful chicken marinated with basil pesto that gave the chicken it’s alluring look while smelling equally mouth-watering.  Paired with some mashed otatoes and fresh veggies, each bite of the dish was pure pleasure.

A personal favourite of mine was Trota alla griglia con salsa balsamica glassata di cipolla e ananas, fresh grilled trout with balsamic glazed onion and pineapple salsa saint – especially focusing on the fresh part. The trout has a very soft texture and the first bite reveals an explosion of flavour- coupled with some mashed potatoes and the adjoining herbs the dish couldn’t get any better than that. Especially full points on the presentation, so much attention has been given to the look of the dish- as if it has been taken out of a photo shopped page of a glossy magazine.

With barely any room in our appetite, the meal perfectly ended with some exquisite desserts that put a happy ending to the fulfilling meal. A spoon full of Tiramisu, Apple Tart and Ice Cream was the cherry on top.

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Content Writer: Shuvekshya Limbu

Photographer/Videographer: Rachita Sulabh


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