5 trekking stores to visit in Kathmandu

  •   2017-03-10  |  nepaltraveller.com

Places to buy your trekking gear

People come to Nepal for a memorable mountaineering experience. There are countless trekking destination all over the country. Over 100,000 people come for trekking every year and most of them have one question: Where do I get trekking gears?

Well we’ll help you with that. Here are a list of shops that sell trekking gears, both originals and copies.


North Face


Well who hasn’t heard of north face? After some high demand by the tourists, they finally opened up a store in Kathmandu. They sell a variety of products ranging from tents to trekking gear. If you’re looking for branded items, this is the place you should go to buy your trekking gears. Most trekkers probably get gears from their own home land but if you’ve missed anything this place can help you out.

Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu
Phone No.: 01-4445101


Black Yak


This South Korean brand is quite famous among the Asian tourists. Firstly, its unique Himalayan yak logo stands out from the rest and its vibrantly colored clothes offers trekkers almost everything their looking for. The price is a bit reasonable compared to North Face but the quality isn’t very different. You have to visit the place if you’re looking for some decent options.  

Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu
Phone No.: 01-4416483

Sherpa Adventure Gear


Inspired by the Himalayas, this brand makes most of its product in Nepal. They sell everything, from knitted gloves to mountainous equipment. They sell their items at premium prices as a part of it goes to development of local youth in Nepal along with creating job for many women in country. What’s special about this brand is most of their products are hand knitted by the 1500+ people they have employed and empowered.

Lal Durbar, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
Phone No.: 01-4443638


Everest Hard Ware


It’s a local brand that mainly focuses on selling down products. Their down jackets and sleeping bags are quite good and are sold through various outlets in the city, mostly in the tourist hub of thamel. They guarantee that their products will not fail you in the severest of climates. They’ll also exchange the item if it’s faulty and repair your damaged items for a fairly low-cost.

Thamel, Thahity,  Kathmandu
Phone No.: 01-4230399

General Stores

Thamel area has a lot of general stores that sell cheap trekking merchandises, but one has to be careful as these might not last for long. There are many copies of the above mentioned brands, especially North Face, flowing in the market and some of them can be very handy but make sure you don’t buy them at a premium price. When you’re buying these stuff make sure you check the zippers are stitched properly and also the elastic and straps on bags etc.

If you want to buy cheap stuff you ought to visit the general stores, but if you’re looking to save more money, you can even rent trekking gear. There are places that rent out down jackets and pants and sleeping bags that are useful for crossing high mountain passes. A good way to contact these stores are through guides. They have good contact with these stores, but make sure you look at all the options available and use the one that best fits you.

Shashwat Pant is a content writer at Nepal Traveller. He is writer by day and a dreamer by night. He loves to spend time discussing about sports and Geo politics.

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