Flavours of Darjeeling in Nepal

  •   2017-12-19  |  nepaltraveller.com

Darjeeling Momo is one of the busiest momo hubs in Kathmandu, unlike others it serves authentic dishes from Darjeeling

Darjeeling Momo is one of the most talked about eateries in Kathmandu where Kathamandiutes flock to get a real taste of Darjeeling in each bite of their juicy momos. Situated right in Naxal beside the sprawling Durbarmarg with its own share of eateries, Darjeeling momo has quickly established a name for itself with its first outlet opened nearly two years ago. As of now, it has two outlets; one in New Road and the other in Naxal. Despite the increasing number of restaurants serving Darjeeling food, Darjeeling Momo is claimed to have an authentic taste of Darjeeling and a rich flavour of Eastern Nepal.

The yellow boards of the outlet are hard to miss while on the way to Gairidhara Chowk, with a picture of the iconic Darjeeling toy train as its logo. The place is small, neat and inviting. With walls that are painted with a bright yellow and orange, one’s mood is bound to be lifted. Or you can even opt to sit on the balcony with a good view of the clean side of the town.

The basics start from their iconic Darjeeling momo and eastern Nepal’s favourite Aloo Nimki and Aloo Dum as starters. When asked about the speciality of Darjeeling momo compared to normal momos, the owner of the establishment Sujan Gurung says that the ingredients are natural, crisp as the only spice they use is ginger and garlic. An authentic recipe of Darjeeling with just a wee bit of improvisation, he says, is the secret when I ask about it. The first bite of the momo reveals an explosion of flavour. The taste is unlike any other momos I’ve tried before; although very mild in its taste it is very juicy and flavourful. Add a warm bowl of soup just before getting on with momos can make any momo establishment worth going, at least for me. A whole plate of momos there might not be sufficient if you are famished, and even if you’re not you’ll still want to have more.

While the most talked about dish is the Aloo Dum which after tasting I can say all the hype is viable. Just spicy enough to make it zesty minus the overpowering fiery sensation that usually follows after eating most Aloo Dum. The taste is also very close to home; it has just the appropriate amount of spices and has barely any oil. While my personal favourite is Jhol Momo, the iconic Darjeeling momo made with a lot of spices and gravy and garnished with some fresh coriander that added a bold look to the dish. The soup was delectable and palatable, infused with a lemony aftertaste.

Even if you’re not up for a hefty lunch, you can opt for Aloo Nimki a favourite street food of Eastern Nepal. Darjeeling Momo has perfectly captured the flavour of this street food. The crunchy texture of the Nimki with the mushy texture of boiled potatoes alongside a fine mixture of spices was appetizing.

Fun thing is if you’re craving some delicious momo and are at home, you can order it through Bhoj, one of the biggest food apps in Nepal that you can download for free from app store or google play. The prices at Darjeeling Momo are extremely reasonable; a plate of delicious Aloo Dum starts at Rs. 60, Aloo Nimki is priced at Rs. 100 and a plate of Chicken momo is priced at Rs. 165. You can enjoy a fulfilling meal without burning a hole in your pocket.

You will find many places in Kathmandu which promises to serve Darjeeling momo, nowadays you will even find frozen momos that companies claim to be ‘Darjeeling’. But if you are looking for an authentic taste, that perfectly captures the flavour of the city than head over to Darjeeling momo, you won’t regret your time or money here.   

For more information: 

Address: Nagpokhari, Naxal

Phone: 9823035176


Shuvekshya Limbu is a Content Writer at Nepal Traveller. 

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