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  •   2017-12-13  |  nepaltraveller.com

Bayleaf Garden Restaurant is the only restaurant that serves authentic Burmese food in Kathmandu.

There is no sincerer love than the love for food. Which is why there are times I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to go to restaurants and try some of their best items on the menu. After visiting a Syrian restaurant recently, I had the urge to try another world cuisine and that took me to a nice garden restaurant in Tangal called Bayleaf which serves genuine Burmese food.

Myanmar once known as Burma and Nepal have a long history together. A large number of Nepalis have served in the Burmese Gurkha and have settled in Myanmar since the British administration. A reason why this restaurant makes total sense as there are a lot of Burmese-Nepalis living here in Kathmandu.

Set up in an alley opposite to Attic Bar, this garden restaurant is a perfect place to hang out with friends and family. The décor has been carefully planned as it has a certain charm to it. The manner in which they have recycled bottles to decorate lights is very nice and is aesthetically pleasing. The restaurant is set in a lovely garden surrounded by trees and has both inside and outside seating.

The restaurant serves authentic Burmese food with most ingredients like noodles, spices and herbs coming from Burma itself. The idea of opening the place came from the owners who have family in Myanmar. As there aren’t any restaurants that serve Burmese food, starting one here was a no brainer as it has similar taste to that of Nepali food.

Opened in 2016, the restaurant didn’t start up with Burmese food but as business picked up, they decided to introduce Burmese food and have never looked back. The chef uses the owner’s wife recipes which is why the food has a homely feel to it.

As I don’t know much about Burmese food, I asked the manager to recommend some dishes I could try. For starters he recommended the Tofu Thoke which is a Burmese tofu salad mixed with fresh herbs and peanut dressing. He had told us that the tofu is different to that we have here in Nepal because it is made from Chickpeas rather than Soya. And to my surprise it tasted wonderful. The tofu salad had rich taste and was full of flavour. The spices used in this dish was perfect and this dish is something that would go perfectly as snacks with your drink.

After that, he recommended one of their signature dish, Ohn No Khaosey which is a chicken noodle soup cooked in coconut sauce. Initially, I thought it looked like Thukpa but it tasted something entirely different. The noodle was very soft and the thick coconut soup complimented the chicken. It was an ideal dish to indulge on a cold winter evening.

Apart from that they also serve Thai, Nepali and continental dishes that are equally well received by the patrons. They are soon starting a live band on weekends where they will also have BBQ. If you’re interested you could have a BBQ any time of the week, you just have to pre-inform them. A few of my friends who have been here also tell me that the Pork Chop they serve is one of the best in Kathmandu.

Bayleaf is a restaurant for all ages. The garden restaurant is an ideal place to host private functions like birthdays and engagements. As it gets darker the place just lights up and the garden looks even better as the décor stands out. But what I like the most is the authentic Burmese taste that the place offers. 

For more information:

Address: Tangal, Kathmandu (Opposite Tanglewood) 

Phone: +977 1 4437490


Text: Shashwat Pant

Photo/Video:Dibesh Manandhar

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