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When people ask me to describe Thamel, I tell them it’s the heartbeat of Kathmandu for tourists. It has its unique way to come alive with great music, food and parties. Its many restaurants and their flavours, from Korean to Israeli, will leave you in no doubt that we truly inhabit a globalised world. (As a foodie, it’s my heaven.) But it’s the first rate music venues like Purple Haze that sets it apart. Here you can chill and have a beer, while listening to some fantastic music performed live.

Situated in between the old and the new Kathmandu, it offers you an unparalleled experience of both the city’s past and present. Although it is known to be more of a tourist hub, it does have places which reflect its long glorious history. And then there are those places there that have created their own history. So, it’s your chance to behold both the traditional as well as the modern all in one place. You will find Thamel immensely popular and, that too, with good reasons.

Here's a list of all the must-visit places in Thamel so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Fire and Ice Pizzeria

If you’re hungry and, a lover of Italian food like me, Fire and Ice Pizzeria is the place to be. Be assured of the variety and quality you’ll get here. You will be quite impressed with the range they offer. The pizzas are finger-linking good. Personally, I go for a Calzone, my favorite pizza made here. On top of it, pizzas are made in ovens near you, where you can inspect every step of its making. If you’re travelling with your partner or family, this is the perfect stop to unwind after a long, tiring day of travel. This pizzeria has a reputation for excellent service.

Phone: +977 (0)1 4250210


Mandala Street 


You should know, this street is privately owned. It hasn’t been long since it was constructed in 2009. Mandala is a circular symbol that is said to represent the spirit of the entire universe. But ironically, you may not have any great enlightening experience here. It has instead been turned into a spot for shopping and luxury. The owners of Mandala Street have made it their mission to include almost everything imaginable with a wide variety of shops within its alley. You will come across from coffee shops, pharmacy to bookstores here. It just has been designed that way.


Phat Kath


This café was a vision of its owners to mix urban life with nature. As a regular, I feel they have achieved their goal remarkably. As I relax there with a cup of organic green tea, I feel stress floating away like a ripple in a lake. The funky, groovy music helps me clear my head and just enjoy the ambience. I like to close my eyes and take a deep breath soaking in where I am and what I’m doing. This place doesn’t give me a sense of purpose but rather it inspires me to rebel in my carefree existence. Obviously, it has a special place in my heart and my life. It has almost a magical effect on me which I find hard to articulate in mere words. That’s why it has earned a place in my must-visit list. Go try it yourself!

Phone: +977 9816696571


Pilgrims Book Shop


This book shop has quite a history behind it. After more than three decades of existence, it was completely burnt down by a devastating fire. It has been restored, not exactly to its old glory, but its comeback is noteworthy. All it takes is for me to get to the fiction section. Then, for hours I sit there examining books and reading the first two paragraphs of a few. I get lost in the ocean of entertaining stories created by all these witty geniuses and am often overwhelmed to behold the sheer magnitude of knowledge before me. So, if you have set aside some time for reading as well in the course of your travel, this book shop is totally worth a look. If you can’t find the book you are searching, they will even order it through amazon or flipcart. That is the level of their dedication towards their customers.

Phone: +977 (0)1 - 4221546


Mountain Steak House

Previously known as Everest Steak House, it is one of the few places that openly serves you beef. This has to do with the influence of Hinduism, which holds cows sacred. This restaurant is primarily aimed at tourists who crave beef when they are away from home. Although a little over-priced, it does however leave its customers well-satisfied. If you’re a serious meat lover, you have found your destination. On request, you can have your steak done the American way or, if you are feeling adventurous, why not try it the Nepali way?  A mouth-watering meal is guaranteed!

Phone: +977 9840052927

Purple Haze

Finally, after you’re done with your dinner, prepare yourself for a musical night. We have kept the best thing for the last in our list. At Purple Haze, you can expect live music performed by different artists or great covers of famous songs by local Nepalese artists. You will also get to know how it feels like to concert with Nepalese youth as many flock to this venue. Purple Haze is more than just a place for concerts. It’s a tradition. And you can be a part of it too. Stay as late as you want, unless you have an early flight to catch in the morning. What a way to make your night memorable- partying hard with a young crowd with great music in Kathmandu. Bon Voyage!

Phone: +977 9803719781

Author: Prashant Shrestha is a sociology teacher in Rupys International and AJ Wild College

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