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The memories of the mesmerising natural beauty of Nepal is not just the only thing you can take back

The memories of the mesmerising natural beauty is not just the only thing you take from Nepal. The artistry of Nepalese handicraft presents a wide range of souvenirs that you can take for your loved ones, and for yourself. They not only reflect your experience in Nepal but also allow your loved ones to get acquainted with your adventure. For this holiday season, we have lined up some of Nepal’s most popular online craft stores and gift shops. With the service of speed delivery, these online stores highlight Nepalese culture and make it available to everybody—anywhere across Nepal (some also include international delivery).

Here’s a list of online destinations for your souvenirs:

1. Creative Hand Nepal

 Creative Hand Nepal is a movement of producers, wholesalers, retailers and advocates working to promote social economic and environmental justice. When you buy from Creative Hand Nepal, you become a part of a network that allows artisans to stay on their land and secure economic prosperity. Thus, it links you to the talented artists from all over Nepal. This creative freedom provides unique and high quality crafted items. What makes Creative Hand Nepal different is its drive for sustainability. Driven by the values of conservation, it aims to reuse and recycle wherever possible. All of their shipping materials can be recycled.




Shipping destination delivery: All international destination

2. Mahaguthi

 Mahaguthi adheres the value of fair trade by economically empowering underprivileged target groups and selling their products to national and international market. It resonates with the spirit of equity and liberation. As the founding member of Fair Trade Group Nepal, Mahaguthi serves both the domestic and international markets and has three shops (Kupondole, Lazimpat, and Pokhara) in Nepal. The organization represents the efforts of more than a thousand individual producers, fifty percent of whom are from remote and mountainous areas. Unveiling new ranges of products in every six months, 75% of Mahaguthi’s clientele consists of foreign buyers, mostly from Spain, US, and Japan( ceramic products in particular). One of its speciality is the natural paper products such as notebooks and decorative hangers, which are made from locally sourced lokta fibre (Daphne bhoula or Daphne papyracea), and is screen printed with contemporary designs.  From christmas decorations to wooden images of deities, from shawls made from bamboo fiber to bamboo printed notebooks, they have it all.


 Mahaguthi has its mobile app for android users and it will available for ios very soon.

 3. Sana Hastakala

 In Nepali language, Sana Hastakala means “small handicraft”. Supported by UNICEF, Sana Hastakala is a non-profit export organisation that works to preserve the rich artistic skill and traditions of Nepali artisans. Above all, Sana Hastakala fosters the resurgence of traditional craft skills and the use of modern techniques. Thus providing Nepal’s predominately female handicraft producers sustainable livelihoods. It is regarded as a pioneer in Nepalese craft heritage, and is a highly recommended shop for trendy and aesthetically designed handicrafts. Their popular items include: Allo products (allo comes from from the bark of giant nettle Girardinia diversifolia usually found in high mountainous region of Nepal),  dhaka items (traditional handloom fabrics popular for its intricate handwoven, artful material and natural fibers), ceramics, pashmina, metals, felt products, handmade paper and many more.


Fixed price, delivery across Nepal.

Location: Kupondole, Lalitpur

4. Himalaya crafts

Himalaya crafts is an online store that provides the opportunity to explore traditional, authentic, Tibetan and Nepali handicraft products. With the service of speed delivery,easy-to-navigate interface, and highlighted time and money-saving deals, this online store presents wide ranges of high quality products at affordable prices which allows you experience a new dimension of Nepali and Tibetan culture. Himalaya Crafts has a blend of finest handicraft information and articles along with wholesale and retail option.  They have all kinds of arts and crafts from Nepal, ethnic products, Buddhist ritual item, Thangka, Mandalas, Khukuri, original Pashmina shawls, Cashmere shawls, Nepali silver jewellery, Nepali musical instruments, Buddha statues, Organic & non organic certified oils, Pashmina product, Aromatic herbs, Singing bowl, Mask, Prayer wheel, Handmade Gifts, Tibetan artifacts, Nepalese handicraft decoration materials, Glass pipes/bongs, Incense, Incense burner/holder, all kind of handcrafted metal statues, Resin statues, Silver & gemstone jewellery, great Spices from Nepal.


Shipping destination delivery: International destinations

5. Little Things

Started out as an experiment between two friends, Little things has a certain charm that makes it stand out amongst the moguls of craft business. Primarily a card business,  Little things has a unique approach to their designs, an approach that resonates with simplicity at the same time quirkiness. Although their designs are inspired by mundane Nepali lifestyle, they portray it in playful puns and hilarious illustrations. Their crafts represent contemporary Nepal and give your loved ones an insight on your experience. Through experiment over experiments, they have expanded as a design based brands with printed apparel, tote bags, and posters among other things. In just three years, this design oriented startup has  become a prominent business in the craft industry of Nepal. 


Shipping destinations delivery: both in  Nepal and international destinations

Instagram (recommended): littlethingsktm


Ayusha Pradhananga is a Content Writer at Nepal Traveller. 

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