An authentic Syrian restaurant in Nepal

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Taza is a great place to hang out and experience a taste of middle eastern cuisine in Kathmandu

The people of Kathmandu just love food. The fact that there is so much variety on offer helps as well. Nepali cuisine in itself has a wide range of items to choose from but restaurants around the valley also serve great French, Italian and Chinese cuisine that has people of the valley licking their lips.

In search of something unique and different, I visit Taza a restaurant that serves a blend of Lebanese, Syrian and Middle Eastern food. I have heard a lot about middle eastern food but I’ve never had the chance to try it which is why I didn’t have to think twice when a few of my colleagues recommended this fine restaurant located in Pulchowk next to Himalayan Bank.

As I walk in, I am greeted by the owner of the restaurant, Basel who’s from Aleppo, Syria. He says he came to Nepal in 2014 after getting married to a Nepali. With a Bhadgaule Topi (Nepali Topi) on his head, and a bright smile on his face, he shows me around the place.

The recently renovated restaurant was established in 2015 and is famous for its Shawarma. The décor has been carefully planned by Basel and has been decorated with silhouettes on the wall that depict old monuments of Syria. The décor and the music that plays around the place gives it unique middle eastern vibe and you can’t help but hum along to some of the tunes.

Basel serves Syrian and middle eastern food and that is something that isn’t easily available in the valley. He also recommended the Taza Special Platter which he says covers almost the entire menu which is exactly what we got. A meal perfect for 2-3 people, the special platter has a variety of items on offer.

On the platter you get the delicious Chicken Kebab which was cooked perfectly. As you bite into it, you feel the great taste of the chicken along with other flavours that will keep you wanting for more. Then there is the shawarma. You’ll have to try it to believe how good it is because this was easily the best shawarma I’ve ever had. As the menu has been prepared by a Syrian chef, the food has a distinctive Syrian touch to it.

The Chicken Toshka on the platter was an interesting combination of cheese and minced chicken together with soft pitta bread. It was a tasty blend of oriental flavour and goes very well with the chilly garlic sauce which accompanies the platter.  

With the platter you also get three dips. Hummus, Mutbal and Baba Ghanouj that go very well with the other items on the platter like the Chicken Sheesh Taook which was tender and full of flavour. The Mutbal which is made from eggplant blended with garlic and lemon juice had a smoky taste and went very well with the breads and the Swarma. The Baba Ghanouj is an item similar to Mutbal but had more texture and flavours as it had tomatos, onions and pomegranate juice.

You have to visit Taza to try their tasty middle east dishes, lively atmosphere all at reasonable prices. It also gives you a break from your daily dal bhat. It might be too early to tell but I feel Taza will soon become the benchmark for Middle-Eastern restaurants that may pop up in Kathmandu in the near future.

For more information:

Address: Pulchowk, Lalitpur (Near Himalayan Bank)

Phone: 9860960177


Text: Shashwat Pant
Photo: Saroj Patrabansha


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