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With numerous artworks and books, musical instruments, earthy teas and moreish food—the Music Art Gallery Café is a great place to unwind and contemplate.

Centrally located in Lalitpur’s sumptuous expat enclave of Jhamsikhel, Music Art Gallery Café as its name states is more than just any other café.

As we climb the stairs, we are greeted by a number of abstract paintings by the renowned South Indian artist Prakash Chandrakar. There are plenty more of Chandrakar’s artworks in the gallery, which are all quite similar in its abstractness. These paintings are quite inspiring to our curiosity, with its strong contrasting hues and swirling flow. The curator tells us that after careful visualization, it can be seen that all of Chandrakar’s paintings depict the Hindu God Ganesha in some way or the other—this is Chandrakar’s specialty.

The interior of the café has a very relaxed and chic vibe to it—with the famous Japanese legless Zaisu chairs, lots of artwork, artifacts, sculptures, pianos, tablas (Indian drums), coffee table books on display and stacks of novels in the bookshelves.

The café is great for music lovers—if you like playing an instrument, resuscitate your mellifluent side while waiting for the food or even bring a few friends over to have your very own private concert. If there’s been a part of you always yearning to learn the guitar or piano, you could also sign up for their music classes.

Another series of peculiar artworks in the gallery are the oeuvres of the popular contemporary Korean artist Kang Chan Mo. His art features mountains, and here specifically it facets the mountains of Nepal. The art is unconventional, but eloquent—and main reason for its eccentricity and expressiveness is the use of different pigments and paper. Kang Chan Mo uses the traditional Korean paper, natural pigments, earthen paints and materials like fine sand in his work—one of his paintings in the gallery also contains authentic gold in it!

Like any other café in the area, this café too offers a simple café menu with roasted beverages, comfort food and dishes concocted from locally grown produce. The café is an abode to a number of specialty teas ranging from golden tea and Oolong tea to Nepal’s very own Ilam tea. The teas have their own health benefits by providing your body with the antioxidants that help fight against the free radicals that contribute to various diseases.

The art displayed is there not only to be perceived and remarked, but also to be sold. If you’ve always found that living room wall void and lacking grandeur, then why not get one the many exclusive arts to fill the vacuity? This gallery is a go-to place for art collectors as it showcases the masterpieces of not only international artists but also local Nepali artists like Sashi Bahadur Shah, Ashmina Ranjit and Erina Tamrakar. The place also hosts occasional art exhibitions, the current one being the Women Art Exhibition that runs till December 3rd. The gallery will be featuring a total of nineteen works of art by the most renowned female artists of Nepal. The exhibition aims in promoting the involvement of women in the field of fine arts.


The next time you want have a cup of coffee and treat yourself to some comfort food, visit Music Art Gallery—read a book, complete that long due laptop presentation, play the piano or simply descry and envisage contemporary art.

Shravya Karki is a content writer at 

Photo: Dibesh Manandhar


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