Dim Sum promotion at Soaltee Crowne Plaza

  •   2017-11-15  |  nepaltraveller.com

If you are a true lover of Momo, then don’t miss Dim Sum food festival at Soaltee Crowne Plaza from 15th November to 3oth November

A rounded table filled with the most colorful and flavorsome dumpling or dim sum is what awaits you at Bao Xuan. A Dim Sum feast is the most popular form of Cantonese cuisine that comprises a number of dumpling with various vibrant colours to the most exotic fillings. Usually meant to be eaten on a happy and boisterous occasion, when family and friends gather together Dim Sum are enjoyed leisurely with sips of one’s favorite tea.

Bao Xuan at Soaltee Crowne Plaza has perfectly captured the essence of this famous Cantonese cuisine in the food festival that is starting from today until November 30th. Set in the mysterious ambiance of the restaurant, the food takes a different life here. The atmosphere is hushed here and strongly resembles a restaurant set in an old Chinese movie.

The food is effortlessly delicious and mild, as the Master Chef of the restaurant says repeatedly; everything that lands in the tables are made with organic ingredients devoid of any artificial flavors, the quality of the food can be differentiated in a single bite. Even though one might be led to believe that Dim sum is in fact Momos, they vary widely in their preparation and ingredients. Dim Sum is not made with wheat as a base but may contain as many as four bases such as wheat starch or potato starch that has been previously processed and made.

The first dish on the menu is the Chicken Char Siu Steamed Bun, is a traditional and regional dish that is meant to start off a Cantonese meal. The Bun has a very soft and spongy texture, and with a single bite, the flavorsome Chicken filling leaves a smoky and sweet aftertaste. It is often said that enjoying dumplings with sauce ruins the taste, but in case of Char Siu, it is best to dip it in some hot chili sauce and relish the taste that follows. Although this dish might strike as something as easy to make as a Momo, it takes about 45 minutes to prepare a single serving.

Some of the vegetable delicacies like the Water Chestnut fresh asparagus crystal dim sum are very vibrant and garnished with beetroot that seems to add an eccentric pop of color. Although there are others which might not be appealing to look at but will surprise you with its taste, for instance, Har Gow Prawns dim sum is simply delicious. The taste of the prawn does not overpower but goes very well with its outer layer. However, a personal favorite of mine was Fish Roe and Crab meat cabbage steamed roll, I could not help myself from relishing the taste of this exquisite dish. Soft in texture, it seems to be perfectly balanced with the outer layer of cabbage and when enjoyed with some oil the taste is pure magic.

If you are a true lover of Momo, then don’t miss Dim Sum food festival at Soaltee Crowne Plaza from 15th November to 30th November, that is so close to Momo but goes miles beyond its taste.

Where: Bao Xuan, Soaltee Crowne Plaza

When: 15th November to 30th November

For more information: +977 1 4273999, 9801067222



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