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Kathmandu is a city filled with flavours

A small city bubbling with motion, Kathmandu awakes at around six with the steam of local chai dissolving in the chilly air as people hastily start yet another day. In the alleys of Basantapur to the neat area of Jhamsikhel, the fragrant smell of sugar and coffee wafts through the morning air, turning people’s heads towards the direction it is coming from. Any time you set your feet in Kathmandu, you will never run out of good places to devour delicious food. Be it in the morning time, when you seek a good coffee place with scrumptious bakes, to lunch time when you want something delicious and fulfilling, and finally when you want to close up the day with a quiet dinner, Kathmandu will not let you down.

The food palettes of Kathmandu is vibrant, experimental and sometimes close to home. Due to the large number of tourists and expats who arrive on this tiny colourful city, the numbers of eccentric restaurants catering to every palate imaginable have quickly sprouted up. From enjoying Korean to Thai to gorging on some staple Nepali Bhat, lentils and curry Kathmandu seems to have it all for you within a span of a few distance. A traveller away from home and craving some homely food may find a piece of one’s country in the various eateries of Thamel. And for the young people, who crave some pizza and a good time Kathmandu has plenty of such places. went through different restaurants in Kathmandu and selected these that are worth your time and money:

  1. Villa Everest  for Korean cuisine

An authentic Korean restaurant, hidden in the outskirts of Thamel, Villa Everest first opened its doors to customers as a guest house serving Korean food. Delve into one of South Korea’s most popular dish- bibimbap, which literally translates to mixed(bibim) rice(bap). Served on a hot pot, boiled bean sprouts, carrots, zucchinis, spinach are placed in lumps on a bed of sticky rice and the dish is always topped with a half-done, gooey fried egg. With your stomach filled to satisfaction, your mouth tingling from the spicy hints in the food, you’ll walk out from Villa Everest content, patting your tummy in absolute joy.

Where: Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal

  1. Pho99 in for Vietnamese cuisine

Pho99 began its journey in 2011, opening its first restaurant in Maharjagunj. The restaurant has been promoting Vietnamese cuisine ever since. Today, their endeavor has resulted in a chain of restaurants—with three in Kathmandu valley and one in the lake city of Pokhara. From enjoying a refreshing glass of Avocado smoothie to Bun ThitNuong which is a vivid and wholesome dish, a bowl filled with cold rice noodles, topped with grilled pork, fresh green herbs and a few varieties of green veggies. Vietnamese cuisine may not be the most sought-after cuisines in the city, but it is a good change to your appetite once in a while, especially if you’re a fan of Southeast Asian foods and are looking for healthy alternatives.

Where: Jhamsikhel Lalitpur, Nepal

  1. Little Italy in for Italian and Mexican cuisine

Little Italy is a popular Italian vegetarian chain restaurant opened up 6 years ago with great vigor and has been keeping the same energy intact since its establishment. Located across Kamaladi, the café boasts full course meals with quintessential Italian touch and additional Mexican specials. Italian cuisine is all about the distinct flavor of herbs from basil, oregano, rosemary, parsley, fennel, sage, thyme, bayleaf, etc.The Aglio-Olio E Peperoncino pasta is the primi piatti is a simple and flavorful dish of pasta tossed in simple classic sauce of olive oil, garlic, and chilli flakes. Our personal favorite is the most famous dish of Little Italy-the wood-burned pizza Sicilia and we recommend to save some room for the dessert for the chef’s special Chocolate Bomb.

Where: Kamaladi Road, Kathmandu

  1. Pauline’s Garden for European food with a French touch

Pauline’s Garden is located in a quiet alley in Balwatar, away from the chaos and dusty roads of Kathmandu valley. There is a sign at the restaurant that says “Hot Beer, Lousy Food and Bad Service”, but we experienced exactly the opposite. The garden restaurant serves pastas, lasagnes, soups and sandwiches that are sure to make you coming back for more. Overall Pauline’s Garden offers you a refreshing and peaceful experience. It’s a place that offers you a variety of good food, beverages and also a shisha for those who want that experience it. It’s an ideal place for office lunch and dinners and has been well received by both locals and expats.

Where: Aanek Marg, Balwatar ( Next to Gate No. 3 of Pime Minister quarter)

  1. Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen for Indian cuisine

Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen serves up Amchi Mumbai with her own flair. The restaurant is actually an old Newari brick house remodelled with interiors that reflect Mumbai vibes. Walk into the restaurant and enjoy brooding over the original film posters of Bollywood’s biggest movies: Mughal-E-Azam, Kaala Pathar, Sholay, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, especially if you have grown up watching Hindi cinema. Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen is an interesting restaurant and celebrates the influence of Bohra Muslims who live in the southern parts of India. From traditional Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Gnajar ka Haluwa (A dessert made from carrots) to enjoying a traditional Bohra Thali, Tasneem’s will please you with its flavours.

Where: Next to Pulchowk Fire Brigade, Jhamsikhel Road, Lalitpur, Nepal


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