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The charm of Coffee Table books are in their its lustrous pictures

Large, bulky, lustrous and painted with compelling pictures in each flip of a page, there’s something amazing about coffee table books. If you step into a room, and there on the table lies some vibrant books on Nepal’s art and culture, you immediately start thinking about the owner’s personality and might stumble upon some great conclusions.

The charm of Coffee Table books is in its illustrious photographs that depict truth in a single glance. This is the reason why they are so preferred by people to be kept in waiting rooms, they breathe life into the still furniture and reflect the interest and personality of the owner.

Mahesh Mahat, Business Promotions Officer at Ekta Books is also a true collector of books. His most prized collection is a book that captures Everest in various lights, he says, ‘What I have seen is that even people who do not usually prefer books, flip it through with interest’.

Coffee Table Books that capture the art, culture of Nepal and the beauty of the Himalayas are popular among tourists and expats. Infact, most of them are written by tourists who travelled and studied Nepal. sorted through numerous books and compiled five such books that will enrich your mind as well as your eyes:

Toni Hagen’s Nepal

‘True Friend of Nepal’ as declared by the then president of Nepal, B P Koirala in 1961, Toni Hagen is phenomenal in many ways. One of the first visitors to ever travel Nepal, and see it in its untouched glory, Toni Hagen has genuinely depicted Nepal in this intriguing book. The pictures will take you across the low plains of Terai, the untrodden path to Manang and sometimes into the amiable eyes of his Sherpa. But through it all this book will captivate you with its grainy yet utterly genuine pictures and texts, you might just want to posses this book for yourself in the end. If you are a true collector, this book will surely be a golden crown in your collection.

The Conquest of Everest

With original photographs from the legendary first ascent

On May 29, 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay would become the first people to successfully climb Everest and make history. But what this book depicts is the insider story to it. The pictures in the book do not depict the event as scary and as insecure it was, but quite opposite to that with hopeful smiles and optimism to fulfil their destiny. With a foreword by Sir  Edmund Hillary, the very last things he would leave before his death, the book is historic, true and riveting. The illustrious black and white pictures will take on a mission along with them, from their first shave after months to stepping on the last bound from the top.

Where every breath is a prayer by Jon Ortner

‘Where every breath is a prayer’ is the culmination of Jon Ortner’s 20-year long adventure through the mystical land of Asia. The book begins with vibrant, evocative and compelling images of Nepal, traversing through the Annapurna Sanctuary to the ancient mystical temples of Kathmandu. Accompanied with the photographs are factual and mythological narratives that trace the evolution of the area. This has truly pictured Nepal in a glorious light along with other beautiful countries of Asia like Thailand, Myanmar, India to name just a few.

Hidden treasures of the Himalayas

Every page in this bulky book is an invitation to understand the ancient art of Tibetan Thangka, sculptures to manuscripts found in the once forbidden kingdom of Dolpo. But the offerings of book does not end here, it sheds light on the history of this hidden Tibetan enclave that has been heavily influenced by Buddhism since 8th century and with it the rapid spread of Buddhism in the Himalayas. A combination of Amy Heller’s fine contributions, beautifully illustrated photographs to an accessible DVD available along with the book is surely an important addition to an erudite scholar interested in Himalayan studies.

Buddhist Art: An historical and cultural journey

Buddhist art is one of the oldest form of art in the world and to condense this information into a single work is a tough job. The result is a simple yet diffused information accompanied with huge distinct pictures that hopes to satisfy the curiosity of the well informed reader, providing a clear and practical understanding. Through the pages, we observe the artworks of as many as 20 countries and Nepal has been pictured in a beautiful manner. Tracing the meaning and origins of Chaityas of Patan to an elaborate Tympanum above Vajrayogini temple, the texts are evocative and compelling.

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