Laxmi Puja observed throughout Nepal yesterday

Laxmi Puja: In the brilliance of lights

  •   2017-10-20  |

On a no moon night, the people of Kathamandu light up the city and celebrate Laxmi Puja

For many people, the imagery of Tihar is the gleaming of a thousand lights; every house dazzling in the night light. To some extent, this might be true as the fun of Tihar lies in the nightime, in lighting up our houses and singing Deusi Bhailo. This is regarded as the most auspicious day and people make it a point to take a bath early in the morning and clean their surroundings.

Laxmi Puja

The third day of Tihar is partly devoted to Laxmi, the goddess of light and the worship of ‘Gai’, cows which is also regarded as the symbol of Laxmi. Cow is an embodiment of a powerful woman as people depend on cow’s milk for nourishment. The celebration of this day is divided into two parts; the morning is devoted to worshipping cows with flowers like marigolds or chrysanthemum, specifically used in Tihar whereas the night is purely devoted to the worship of Laxmi.

Laxmi Puja

Laxmi is the symbol of wealth and prosperity; she resides in places which are clean and bright. Purely for this, people clean their houses upside down, purify it with red mud and cow’s dung, decorate it with rangoli at the entryway and make a trail with red mud for the arrival of Laxmi. The more decorated and clean the house is, more pleased Laxmi is believed to be. People worship objects such as a broom and ‘Kalash’, a vessel made from copper and filled with water, mango leaves, peepal leaves, panchayakabya, flowers and few coins dipped into it. The puja of the ‘Kalash’ is done by sprinkling sandal wood powder, flower and a tulsi leaf with a coconut atop it. The elder of the house usually recite a mantra during the process.

Sometime during the evening, energetic boys and girls knock on your door with the tunes of Deusi and Bhailo. Deusi is usually sung by boys while bhailo is sung by girls. The woman of the house steps out to give food, money, and drinks and in return, the singers give blessings to the house with wealth and prosperity.

Laxmi Puja

With every house lit with small glimmering diyos and electric lights with the sound of Deusi Bhailo echoing in the background the night of the festival is truly magical.

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