Phulpati: A garland of flowers to welcome Dashain

  •   2017-09-27  |

Although Ghatasthapana may be the starting point of Dashain, Phulpati is the major event that invites Dashain into our homes.

Although Ghatasthapana may be the starting point of Dashain, the major event that invites Dashain into our homes and brightens them with bouts of flowers in Nepal is Phulpati, which literally also means flowers (phool) and pati (leaves and plants). This name has everything to do with how this festival is celebrated in Nepal.

Deeply rooted in the monarchy practices prior to the democracy in Nepal, the jamara used by the Royal Family used to be brought from the ancestral home of the Shahs from Gorkha after a walk of three days which was later used in a parade at Tudikhel. It was how Phulpati was officially celebrated. However now that monarchy has been abolished, the jamara is carried to the president’s house.

The literal fulpati carried by Brahmins is brought from Gorkha where many historians believe this ritual was originated from the time of Prithvi Narayan Shah. The garland along with holy water, bsanana stalks, jamara and sugarcane tied with a red cloth as an offering to Durga andsmajestically carried under a red palanquin is brought from Jamal is then carried to the historical Hunuman Dhoka where a ritual procession is held. The Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Gurujyuko Platoon and high ranking officials of Armed Police and civil service along with traditional music join this parade. While the sacred objects are placed at Hanuman Dhoka, there is a majestic display of Nepalese army along with celebratory firing of weapons that continues for ten to fifteen minutes.

But the celebration of Fulpati is not only confined in the royal palaces and state rooms. The ritual finds its way to our homes. The fulpati containing a host of different things such as banana stalks, jamara, holy water to name is now called a Navapatrika and each element in it represents either of the nine goddessed worshipped during this time.



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