What's for breakfast?

When in Nepal eat like a Nepali

  •   2017-03-10  |  nepaltraveller.com

A local Nepali breakfast is an experience in itself

If you are an adventurous  foodie, then you should start the day with a local Nepali breakfast. The trick to enjoying these early morning breakfasts is not to go to find a high-end restaurant for coffee, but to find local eateries that will leave you at awe while munching down a soulful breakfast.

Try these breakfast delicacies at local eateries in the Kathmandu Valley.

Jeri Halwa Swari

If you want to try something sweet in the morning; find yourself a good mari pasal in the alleys of Patan or in Maru tol, Basantapur to order the famed 'Jeri Halwa Swari'. For most locals, it is a ritual to pack this breakfast as a takeaway, because families love this sweet treat. And therefore, the early morning local joggers who throng these eateries are always teased, "What is the point, if you regain the calorie you just chunked out." However, these are all different flavours of flour. You should definitely sweeten your morning with this.




Aaloo Chop and Tarkari

If sweet intake early in the morning is not something you prefer and you are in Patan, you can order yourself a plateful of Aaloo Chop and a piping hot bowl of pea curry (tarkari). And for a perfect balance, order a cup of early morning tea (chiya).

This place is actually also famous for malpuwa, (a sort of fried pancake) so while you are at it, you can order them as well.






Gwaramari are bite size plump doughnuts deep fried. They are popular among locals and you will love them for sure. While making a run in the valley's inner streets – chase these nuggets. Enjoy munching them with a hot cup of morning tea. If you are in Basantapur or in Patan you will find people selling hot tea in a thermos, you should warm yourself with a cup of it. Because the local experience is always the best.





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