Authentic taste of Dashian at Fairfield by Marriott

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Dashain Delight at Fairfield Marriott perfectly captures the essence of the Dashain dinner all the way from the memories of home.

It is almost peculiar; when I think about Dashain all I remember is a table filled with the most delicious varieties of food; its smell wafting through the kitchen finally reaching to my room. After a few minutes, the table would be set with the most delicious varieties of food from Mutton curry, Fried Chicken to Aloo Dum. While this analogy might not be completely true, there are many who describe Dashain as the time of having the time of great dinners and lunch.  Dashain Delight at Fairfield Marriott perfectly captures the essence of the Dashain dinner all the way from the memories of home. It’s tables lined with rows and rows of tantalizing food, that could not only tempt with their smell but also with their sight.

Dashain Lunch at Marriott

With the main aim of catering to the local people, Marriott has redefined what it means to go local. With a price of only Rs.999 one can now enjoy a full Dashain meal to one’s heart content in the open and homely interior of Kava Grill and Lounge. The taste is not without the warmth and familiarity of home that could otherwise not be bought with money.

Dashain Lunch at Marriott

Dashain Lunch at Marriott

Starting off with the iconic and much-loved dish of Dashain is Mutton, more precisely in typical Nepali Khasi Ko Masu which was perfectly balanced in taste. The soup was delectable with rice topped off with other varieties of curries mainly, Fried Chicken (Khukura ko Bhutuwa) and iconic Nepali pickles such as Ghundruk (Dried spinach), Bhatmas (Soybean) and Alu Sandeko (Garnished potatoes). A personal favourite of mine was Macha ko Jhol (Fish Curry), a thick soup with soft pieces of fish that went well with plain rice, balancing its taste to perfection. It was neither too spicy nor too mild, a common dish that could be enjoyed with people of variant tastes.

Dashain Lunch at Marriott

But what’s different about Dashain Delight that it is not only serving authentic Nepali food. When you buy the package you are also getting, some hints of Continental and Chinese food to play with your taste buds. The food is as simple as pizza or flashier as Pasta with hints of cheese in it. The package could be perfect for families seeking a delicious Dashain lunch out of home in a good ambience that is neither too dead quiet nor too noisy.

Dashain Lunch at Marriott

The desserts are understated yet sufficient. It consists of the favourite Nepali dessert Dahi (Curd) that could be enjoyed with Chiura (Beaten rice) to black and white forest cakes. The chocolate cake is perfectly dark and sweet and immediately melts in my mouth sticky with frosting in some parts.

Dashain Lunch at Marriott

Good food can immediately make festivals memorable and this festival could be more delectable at Dashain Delight hosted by Fairfield by Marriott. If you want good food at a perfectly reasonable price than don’t miss Dashain Delight at Fairfield Marriott.


Date: 21st – 1st Oct

Time: 12:30 PM-3:30 PM

Venue: Kava Grill and Lounge (Fairfield by Marriott)

Contact Number: +977 1 4217999/ 9801227613






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