Little Italy: Your Passport to Authentic Cucina Italiana

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Like its name, everything perfect at this veggie Italian restaurant

It’s hard to walk down a street in Kathmandu without coming across a multi-cuisine restaurant. Every part of the valley houses an array of restaurants serving legions of cuisine as an alternative to regular snacks and to delight the foodies, who dig fine Italian dining, a tiny bit of Italy resides inside the minimalistic yet modern décor of Little Italy. The popular Italian vegetarian chain restaurant opened up 6 years ago with great vigor and has been keeping the same energy intact since its establishment.

Located across the beaten path of Kamaladi, the ‘ristorante and bar’ sports olive walls with dark wooden furniture and limited metal articles As we tottered inside the building, weary of the sultry summer heat, we experienced resurrection inside the AC installed rooms. . Its ambient lighting exudes European vibes and the thick glass walls insulate the noise so one can be at utmost peace inside.

Little Italy Kathmandu

The café inhabits both outdoor and indoor seating options where outstretched carpet of lush green grass greets us and solid shades of olive and white painted walls reflect the epitome of eloquence respectively. The outdoor offers a template for relaxing brunch under wide canopies of umbrellas spread out over each table where as the indoors are more for jolly good dinners and social gatherings.

Talking about the food, the café boasts full course meals with quintessential Italian touch and additional Mexican specials. It’s difficult to imagine Italian cuisine without the distinct flavor of herbs. Indeed, the mere thought of Italian cooking brings to the mind the aroma of basil, oregano, rosemary, parsley, fennel, sage, thyme, bayleaf, etc. At Little Italy, only the fresh herbs are used rooting to the local Italian fashion of growing on their own. The Aglio-Olio E Peperoncino pasta is the primi piatti or the first course which is a simple and flavorful dish of pasta tossed in simple classic sauce of olive oil, garlic, and chilli flakes. The herbs added flavor to the pasta which they claim to have sourced internationally. 

Little Italy Kathmandu

The Crostini Assortiti (literally: mixed bread) comprises of a variety of flavors on the same platter which quaintly resembled the flag of Italy. One is privileged with a towering mountain of crusty bread surrounded by savory spreads, all based on vegetables, differing in color, texture and flavor. Each surface of the grilled bread hosts a different food item some being decadent cheese of Italy (Crostini Napoli), freshly diced tomatoes rubbed with olive oil (Crostini Bruschetta) and some olives and capsicum.

Little Italy Kathmandu

Our personal favorite is the most famous dish of Little Italy-the wood-burned pizza Sicilia. What elevates its appeal is its thin and crispy base packing a bunch of toppings like tomato sauce, generous amount of Mozzarella, lumpy mushrooms, pickled onions, fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes marinated in chili sauce. Honestly, it suffices the spice in itself and can we can forgo the sinful Tabasco hot sauce.

While at your visit here, we fervently recommend to save some room for the dessert for the chef’s special Chocolate Bomb perfectly culminates the meal. Baked with sizable chocolate cake which oozes out warm gooey chocolate once percolated through and served with vanilla ice-cream, the chocolate bomb is a delightful dessert, almost ethereal that melts into your mouth.

Little Italy Kathmandu

As for the drinks, the tall glasses of mocktails are mostly dominated by minty, refreshing flavor. Each sip entailed freshness and lingers long in the taste buds. 

Little Italy Kathmandu

We recommend you reserve your seats prior to visiting on weekends and evenings as we can witness a relatively larger crowd at these hours. Nonetheless, the spacious rooms of Little Italy were occupied by the cacophony of a family reunion, Bingo props of an Indian group of friends and also youths rejoicing a birthday party. It is evident that Little Italy is a home to people of all ages and functions; the food being clean, consistent, delicious and Italian.    

For more information:

Address: Kamaladi Road, Kathmandu

Opening Hours: 12 Noon - 11 PM

Phone: 01-4233577, 01-4233578

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