PATA Nepal Felicitates CEO of Nepal Tourism Board and 1st Vice Chairman

  •   2018-11-30      

Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO of Nepal Tourism Board and first Vice Chairman of PATA Nepal Chapter was honoured by the dias members of the organisation on November 29 in the presence of ex-government officials, NTB executives, corporate members and media personnel.

The Felicitation Programme was organised in recognition of his achievement of Highest IIPT Champions in Challenge Award 2018 from ‘International Institute for Peace through Travel and Tourism’ at International Travel Crisis Management Summit (ITCMS) in London, UK. Deepak Raj Joshi was appointed as the CEO at a very critical period with allegations of CIAA at one hand. And on the other, a severe earthquake and successive blockade of border access had ruined the tourism sector in 2015. NTB had very limited staffs at the beginning of his tenure. It was a tough challenge as well as an opportunity for Joshi where he stood firm and continued his efforts leading the way forward and become successful in what he aimed for. Despite the various challenges and adverse circumstances, he successfully implemented his plans into actions with better outcome every year.

In the beginning year of his tenure, NTB used to take part in a few regular international events like ITB, WTM with the Budget of 56/57 Crore; whereas NTB now has increased the Budget of Rs 173 Crore, and they are reaching many source markets around the world. PATA Nepal Chapter presented the highlights of the efforts done during his tenure attributing his accomplishments and targeted goals as: 2016- The year of Survival, 2017- The Year of Revival, 2018- The Year of Invigoration, and 2019- The Year of Build Back Better.

Addressing the programme, Basant Raj Mishra thanked Deepak Raj Joshi and his team for their effort, leadership and teamwork. He said, “Tourism Success depends on the work and success of the Board. If the Board doesn’t function well, the Private sector is to be blamed for. We are proud of having the entire tourism fraternity with this achievement.”

Thanking the entire tourism industry and its stakeholders for their continued collaboration and support, Deepak Raj Joshi expressed, “I was only doing my duty only, nothing extra. I am just the face but the recognition is for the entire team and tourism fraternity. I always love to take challenges and challenges have always given fruitful outcome form me”.