Tourism Toastmasters Club – Kathmandu shines through

  •   2018-07-12      

Tourism Toastmasters Club – Kathmandu, a part of Toastmasters International conducted its first meeting of the new term after installation of the Executive Committee in Kathmandu on July 10. US Ambassador H.E Alaina B. Teplitz attended the event as the Guest Speaker. Sharing her first-hand experience exploring nature, she further brings to the light Nepal’s tourism potential. Addressing the challenges Ambassador Teplitz says, “Clubs like Tourism Toastmasters can help more professionals get ready in catering quality experience and exploring viable source market. With the collective effort of its stakeholders and addressing access issues, Nepal government’s target of 2 million tourists by 2020 will be an achievable dream.”

Other two featured speeches by DTM Suman Shakya and TM Shiva Raj Thapa were also equally inspiring. A team of evaluators led by TM Ravindra Pradhan demonstrated why Toastmasters club stands out also giving instant feedback to improve upon. Division Director, DTM Ranjit Acharya shed light on the Toastmasters movement in Nepal.

President of the Club, TM Pankaj Pradhananga, gave a vote of thanks highlighting how the club is a medium for leaders and go-getters to move forward. The club charted in October 2017 is now a part of District 41 that covers North India, Bangladesh and Bhutan.