Nepal Traveller presents Parikrama

  •   2018-04-12

Nepal Traveller is proud to announce the launch of ‘Parikrama’ a travel and lifestyle magazine that is placed on every seat of Yeti Airlines and Tara Air. Parikrama is a great platform to present the beauty of Nepal to both international and domestic tourists and as an inflight entertainment read will promote various destinations in Nepal .


With more than 10,000 copies being  printed every quarter and delivered to Yeti Airlines, Parikrama carries in-depth original travel stories, personality profiles, festivals, culture, and lifestyle. With a combination of stunning photographs and quality writing, Parikrama is Nepal Traveller Digital Publication’s first print project. Nepal Traveller Digital Publication is the publisher of



The first issue highlights the Everest region. Much has been written about the highest mountain in the world, yet it continues to be among the greatest attractions in the world. Parikrama aims to inspire travellers to experience the rich diversity, adventure challenges, culture and flavors of Nepal and get engulfed in the gastronomic delights of the country. It certainly is the ultimate insider to Nepal.


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