Radisson Hotel celebrates Women's Day through Voice of Women

  •   2018-03-07      


This women's day, Radisson Hotel took the initiative to stand and speak about violence against women. The speakers for this issue were Ms Shreya Thapa and the team from the Women Lead Nepal, Ms. Anupama Aura Gurung (Miss Nepal Earth 2011), Mrs. Tasneem Shahnani (Tasneem's Kitchen), Mrs. Suman Nepal and Ms. Punjita Pradhan (Ukarsha Nepal).

Ms. Anupama Aura Gurung (Miss Nepal Earth 2011)


Ms. Anu Parajuli, Assistant Manager of Sales and Marketing mentioned that violence against women is an issue known by everyone worldwide yet is hidden. There can be no freedom if women have to go through violence which is culturally rooted in our society.


  Ms. Anu Parajuli, Assistant Manager of Sales and Marketing      

Shreya Thapa, along with her team from Women Lead stated that violence is often misunderstood as sexual and physical however violence against women is so much more than that. There is a large component of violence that is mental and emotional. In a country like Nepal, the law fails to address the violence taking place. Concluding, Shreya Thapa says "Voices of women should come together to mitigate and eradicate the issue of violence against women."

"Violence of all kinds should not be tolerated because it is the basic fundamental of human right that we are violating and hence as a community we should be aware to support the voiceless and listen to the ones who are speaking up"; says Anupama Aura Gurung, Miss Nepal Earth 2011. Similarly, Mrs. Tasneem Shahani states that violence against women can only be cured from its roots and individual level.

Mrs. Tasneem Shahani

Mrs Suman Nepal states that the issue of rapes, child abuse, and physical violence is very frequent as we see it in media. The cure has to be started from the home itself. On the other hand, Ms Punjita Pradhan believes that violence is not gendered specific. Both men and women can be victims of violence. It is important to raise voices about gender-based violence.

Mrs Suman Nepal