Himalaya Airlines: A budding private international airline of Nepal

  •   2017-10-11      

Himalaya Airlines is the private international airline of Nepal that was recently established in 2014 with a Nepal-China joint venture. With the aim to excel in safety, on-time performance and most primarily service to its customers, Himalaya Airlines has already established itself in Nepal with equal recognition. Like its name ‘Himalaya’ symbolizes the high mountains of Nepal, Himalaya Airlines aspires to rise up in its name to international standards and recognition.

When the devastating earthquake of 2015 hit Nepal and the economic blockade resulted in the country gasping for breath, it too momentarily obstructed the airline's works. But Himalaya Airlines only rose stronger than ever and introduced its first ever aircraft, Airbus A320 on March 9, 2016. It’s inaugural flight specifically to Doha, Qatar on May 31st, 2016, was an honest effort to provide affordable yet convenient flight services to 500,000 Nepalese who under dire circumstances live and work in Qatar as migrant workers. 

At present Himalaya Airlines flies to four destinations with twenty-eight flights per week to Doha, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Dammam with its three Airbus 320-214 series of narrow-body aircrafts in its fleet which has 8 seats in business class and 150 seats in economy class. Even in an ongoing flight, Himalaya Airlines has a lot to offer to its passengers. With entertainment services from top latest blockbusters movies, music, TV shows to documentaries, your time while on flight can pass without boredom while gorging on delicious food including authentic Nepali food and even ‘special meals’ when requested. But even for the quiet people who prefer delving into texts, Himalaya Airlines has its own in-flight magazine titled ‘Danfe’ filled with intriguing stories about Nepal, to attractive human interest stories. All this undoubtedly points to the fact that your needs despite their variance will be properly met at Himalaya Airlines.

But in Business Class Himalaya Airlines offers an entire level of comfort to its passengers while travelling. The eight comfortable and relaxing seats with four abreast each row comes with USB power supply port that rests on the side for those travelling with gadgets. Amenity kits are made available to business class passengers. One can work with comfort and undisturbed ease even while flying, without your work suffering any distractions.

Despite its astounding achievements in such a short time, Himalaya Airlines is nowhere near finished. With level-headed plans and prospects to expand itself, within the next few years we can be assured that considering its track records, Himalaya Airlines can surely fulfil its promises.

In the upcoming few months, the airline plans to connect to a number of exciting destinations including Dhaka, Hong Kong and Bangkok. More importantly also in the upcoming months, the airlines has prospects to focus on China connectivity; a crucial thing to the country, considering the fact that Chinese tourists are the second largest tourist number in Nepal after India. Himalaya Airlines has rightly made the decision to focus on China connectivity by adding up Beijing and Chengdu to its destination network and eventually extending to other cities like Xian, Shanghai, Lhasa, Kunming and Guangzhou, etc.

However, its plans do not end here. To facilitate the plans of connectivity the airline has set the target of acquiring 15 aircrafts, some even belonging to the family of A330 to connect Kathmandu with various new destinations in Asia, Europe, Australia and beyond.

Himalaya Airlines has rightly selected its value for the running of its aircrafts; ‘Atithi Devo Bhava” – "Guest is God" tracing its origins to genuine Nepali hospitality. Himalaya Airlines is thus committed to providing true Nepali Hospitality to its esteemed passengers.

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Himalaya Airlines 

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