Mountain High

  •   By : Kawish Shrestha
  •   15 November, 2017

I have always had a love for mountains. Mountains represent peace and serenity. It takes me to a state of mind which I haven’t experienced in any other terrain the earth has to offer. Amidst the mountains, I feel a high, maybe the best kind of high there is to experience.

When I mention the mountains, it does not only mean climbing one. You can experience the grandeur right from its lap. As we must not forget, it’s not easy to even get close to the mountains. If it was, then most of us would have, but very few dare and even fewer make it. A long time back I used to think that humans conquer mountains, it is like an obsession, a sense of victory over the mighty rock. For me, a movie changed my perception about reaching the top or even reaching the base camp. 7 years in Tibet is a movie about the friendship of Dalai Lama and Heinrich Harrer, where a Tibetan women explains that it’s foolish to even think that a human can actually conquer or gain victory over the mountain. It is the mountain that lets you climb and makes you feel that you have actually defeated the invincible.

If it does not want you to, you can’t. It is the mountain that accepts you and lets you reach the top. The Sherpas organize a puja ceremony before climbing the mountain in order to receive blessings and good fortune.

“Before any work begins on the mountain we’ll have a Puja ceremony, this ceremony is believed to make contact with divine Sagamartha (Mount Everest) and ask her for clear the passage for everyone, the Sherpa climbers will not climb before they are blessed, this will take place tomorrow morning so the trekkers can be part of it too. This is the most important blessing for our team; Western climbers, Sherpa climbers, food and equipment.” (Everest 2013: Base Camp Puja)

The above statement is given by a Sherpa describing the puja ceremony.

A trek to the Annapurna Base Camp gave me a glimpse of what mountain climbing is like. The glimpse might be only 1 percent of the actual ascent, but at least I got to experience the 1 percent. The trek also made me realise that I can push even harder and aim for more. On my list now is the Everest Base camp which is at 5400 m. At Kathmandu, we are at about 1400 m. Talking about heights I have acrophobia, yes I am acrophobic who is in love with the mountains.


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